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Give2Asia’s China Office builds trusted relationships with local PSB officers

To improve the local PSB's understanding of Give2Asia, CRO began proactively visiting local PSB offices in 2020.

Give2Asia was one of the first overseas NGOs to be officially registered in China after the enactment of the “Law of the People s Republic of China on Administration of Activities of Overseas Nongovernmental Organizations in the Mainland of China” in 2017.

Give2Asia’s CRO is overseen by its Professional Supervisory Unit (PSU), The Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, and Public Security Bureau (PSB), the Overseas NGO Administration Office of Public Security Bureau of Beijing Municipality. In accordance with the law, all Give2Asia’s grants need to be reviewed and approved in advance of implementation by the above two entities. The specific activities and implementations of each program are monitored and overseen by the local PSB directly.

To improve the local PSB’s understanding of Give2Asia, CRO began proactively visiting local PSB offices in 2020. The places with more grants, with more prominent grants, and with grants in ethnic minority areas were emphasized.

CRO continues strengthening the connection and communication with the local PSBs in a proactive and transparent manner to further promote the smooth implementation of grants at the local level. In 2021, CRO program officers continued visiting PSB offices in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Pu’er, and other areas to introduce Give2Asia and our programs. These visits had achieved good results.

In December 2021, Li Xing, the Managing Director of Give2Asia’s China Representative Office (CRO), and four program officers paid a visit to the Overseas NGO Administration Office of Chengdu Public Security Bureau in Sichuan Province.

During this visit, Li Xing met with three local PSB officers and gave a holistic introduction of Give2Asia and the progress of Give2Aisa’s programs in Chengdu. Both parties also discussed PSB’s monitoring requirements and inquires.

The officers of Chengdu PSB expressed their recognition of and gratitude for Give2Asia’s proactive communication efforts. The officers also expressed their willingness to keep close communication with Give2Asia to support the charitable programs that are carried out in Chengdu.




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