Network for Human and Social Development

Serving vulnerable communities of Pakistan through disaster management.


Issue AreaDisaster

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Our Mission

The mitigation of disaster risk, poverty alleviation, empowerment of vulnerable women and children and contributing to the health and education of the remote villages cut off from the civilization.

The Need

The main focus of NHSD is to assist the people of Ukraine who fled to Poland with basic amenities and equipment so that they may fulfill their health needs and also have things to keep themselves motivated in these troubled times.

The Solution

NHSD is providing donations of blankets, books, and douves so that the people may be able to take care of themselves.

Our Impact

NHSD has educated and trained more than 20,000 students in the past 19 years. Pursuing a successful career by empowering these children from very poor backgrounds, they have ensured economic empowerment and better quality of life for these families.

Network for Human and Social Development

Network for Human and Social Development (NHSD) is a registered NGO with Social Welfare Department ICT, Islamabad and Pakistan Center for Philanthropy (PCP), working in the fields of Education, Health and Disaster Management since 2005.

Urgent Appeal for those Affected by the Flooding

Pakistan is facing a terrible, devastating disaster, due to floods. NHSD is responding in Sindh and Balochistan, providing cash transfers, rations, non-food items and clothes, but due to massive scale of the destruction this help is insufficient to meet the needs of the communities. The families are taking shelter by the roadside, and they do not have tents, clean water, rations and other basic needs met. They are exposed to snakes, water borne diseases, skin diseases and malaria. It is a frightening emergency and we request for all possible help, for relief, recovery and rehabilitation of homes of 500 families.

About this Organization

Issue AreaDisaster

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