Child's Dream Foundation (CDF)

Empowering marginalized children and youth in Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand.


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Child’s Dream was established in 2003 with the vision of empowering children and young adults to responsibly shape their communities by promoting health and education for sustainable development in Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand. The non-profit addresses current and future needs related to:

  • Basic Health: “Children’s Medical Fund” – The project aims at reducing childhood mortality and promoting good health and well-being of low-income Myanmar and Laotian children. This involves adopting a patient referral system and ensuring access to fully-funded life-saving surgeries from congenital diseases.
  • Basic Education: “Cambodian High School Scholarship Programme” – aims to improve the continuation rate of students between lower and secondary levels, by providing funding to help them in continuing and completing their upper secondary education.
  • Higher Education: “One University Scholarship for a Myanmar Undergraduate Student” and “Dreams Vocational and Apprenticeship Training Centre” – aim to create a new generation of responsible leaders and specialists to strongly contribute toward their country’s skilled labour force and inclusive development.
  • Education sustainability: “Karen State Education Assistance Group” (KSEAG) is a community-based organisation that aims to provide equitable education assistance to primary and secondary schools across Kayin (formerly Karen) State in Myanmar. KSEAG aims to provide assistance through learning and teaching materials in a coordinated, systemic, and sustainable way to improve education.  Due to the fact that these schools are located in active conflict zones or are extremely rural, transporting the supplies is a complex process and materials are delivered in bulk only once per year.
  • Environmental Sustainability: “Network for Environmental and Economic Development” – to provide teaching and practical training to Myanmar youth in sustainable organic agriculture and inclusive economic development schemes with community farming members.

For a trustworthy organization that directly makes positive impacts on children and youth in Southeast Asia while using only 6% for administrative costs, Child’s Dream is an ideal partner. Your generous contribution here primarily goes to getting the marginalised out of their vicious cycle of poverty.

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Issue AreaEducation

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