COVID-19 Pandemic Relief: Hong Kong SAR PRC

Support local nonprofits responding to the COVID-19 pandemic in Hong Kong SAR PRC

LocationChina - Hong Kong SAR

Issue AreaDisaster

Tax benefit eligibilityUS, AU, HK SAR PRC

Amount NeededGeneral Support Needed

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Give2Asia is partnering with trusted nonprofit organizations responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. Donate online to support local relief efforts in Hong Kong – SAR. 

SITUATION UPDATE: September 2022  

The Official database recorded several waves of Covid-19 have hit Hong Kong SAR in the last two years. The current situation is not yet improving, as there is an increasing trend of Covid-19 confirmed cases. Earlier this month, Government reports showed a rapid increase in positive cases that at times exceeded 10,000 cases in one day. Most are transmitted locally, while 244 are imported cases. The number of deaths also increased by 11 patients. The Government is closely monitoring the situation, especially related to the availability of hospital beds, as the increase in cases would impact the availability of beds in the Hospital.  

Confirmed positive cases are also found in six residential care homes (RCHs) for the elderly and one for PWDs (people with disabilities) and in more than 80 schools where offline lessons were suspended for up to one week to reduce local infection. Children are also encouraged to receive Covid-19 vaccination earlier, prior to the end of the school year. Hong Kong SAR’s Government is planning to lower the age limit to receive Covid-19 vaccine doses so that students under ten years old could be more protected. Furthermore, it has been announced that the outreach vaccination program will be extended to accelerate the vaccination rate of residents. The government will now re-open testing facilities in various public areas. 

Current Needs 

Some needs identified are as follows: 

  • Support kits for vulnerable groups (Elderly and disabled people) 
  • Medicines and testing kits 
  • Vaccination stations 

FEATURED PARTNERS (partial list)

Our local NGO partners in Hong Kong SAR include: 

Feeding Hong Kong

FHK is creating Food Parcels to feed vulnerable populations in Hong Kong through the pandemic. Each box contains a selection of shelf stable foods such as rice, noodles, oats, and beans, canned protein, vegetables and fruit, and beverages such as tea and UHT milk.

FHK plans to:

  • Distribute 6,000 food boxes, 1,000 boxes per month for six months.
  • 15 frontline charities serving low income families, seniors, and other underserved populations supported with an allocation of boxes.
  • 6,000 vulnerable households supported with a package of key staples.

Funding required is HK$1.5M ( US$193,548) and is scalable.

J Life Foundation

J Life aims to provide emergency relief packages for Covid-19 patients and their families. Proposed projects include:

  • Emergency Pack for COVID-19 patients at home
  • Emergency Food Pack for COVID-19 patients at home
  • Regular Food Pack for non-COVID-19 family members
  • medicine and test kits for COVID-19 patients and family members

Funding required : US$65,000.00 (HKD 507,000)

Hong Kong Hospital Authority

Care packages for frontline medical workers contain essential healthcare and living supplies will be delivered to frontline medical workers for the workers and their family members. These packages will be provided to beneficiaries in order to provide much needed daily support, as well as to show appreciation and gratitude to frontline medical workers in Hong Kong.


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