Feeding Hong Kong

Feeding Hong Kong is a Hong Kong registered food bank established in 2011.

LocationChina - Hong Kong SAR

Issue AreaSocial Services

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Our Mission

Our mission is to fight hunger in Hong Kong and reduce the amount of quality food that is being sent to our city’s landfills. We provide a link between Hong Kong based companies with surplus food stocks and Hong Kong registered welfare organisations providing support to those in need in the city.

The Need

1 in 4 people in Hong Kong are living under the poverty line, 45% of seniors and 25% of children struggle to meet their basic nutrition needs. At the same time, 3,353 tonnes of food are sent to landfill every day and the existing three landfills in Hong Kong require extensions.

The Solution

We collect surplus stock from food companies, sort and store it, and redistribute it to multiple charities across the city. This approach allows us to make efficient use of the established distribution channels, and serve a broad and diverse group of people.

Our Impact

Since 2011, we have worked with over 420 food companies. Our delivery service extends across the city's 18 districts. Through our partnerships with the food industry, we have saved over 4,400 tonnes of good food from landfill and 8.3 million kg in C02 emissions.

Since we opened the doors of our Foodbank, we have supported 150 charity programs with a total of 13.9 million meals. Each of our charity partners is a registered Hong Kong charity with a focus on providing food support to those in need in their local community. Our particular focus is on small and medium sized NGOs. They include shelters for the homeless, migrant worker and women’s refuges, senior day centers, refugee and new immigrant support centers, children’s homes and other non-profit programs that provide food to the hungry.

The work benefits four key groups. Firstly, underprivileged individuals and families as direct beneficiaries receive high quality, nutritious food that they would not otherwise afford. Secondly, the charities in our network benefit from a regular, free delivery of food. This allows them to save money, serve more people and redirect saved resources to other poverty alleviation programs. Thirdly, the food companies benefit from our provision of a safe, sustainable way to redirect high quality food surplus to feed people in need. Finally, our work benefits the community as a whole, by making the best use, in the most ethical, ecological and sustainable way of excess food in the city and ensuring that good food is eaten rather than disposed of in landfill. Beyond these four groups, we offer the additional benefit of being the lowest cost and most efficient way to feed those in need in Hong Kong. For every HK$5 donated to us, we can help provide a meal to an individual in need.

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LocationChina - Hong Kong SAR
Issue AreaSocial Services

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