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Successful corporate giving depends on local knowledge, staff expertise, and an individualized strategy. We help the world’s leading corporations and corporate foundations deliver high-impact community engagement and philanthropic investment across the Asia-Pacific.

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Give2Asia extends your philanthropic capacity to reach local communities across the Asia-Pacific. As your philanthropic partner and advisor for the region, we make it easier and safer to support international grantees and design signature corporate social responsibility programs.

As a US-based 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, grants made through Give2Asia are eligible for tax benefits under US law. Our foundation in Hong Kong SAR PRC also allows tax-advantaged grant-making from that location.

International Donor-Advised Grant-making

Give2Asia has a 20-year track record of successful philanthropic partnerships and we are the leader in donor-advised grant-making to the region. Since 2001, we have delivered over US$350 million in grants across 23 countries. As one of the few US-based NGOs authorized to make grants under China’s ONGO law, we are uniquely positioned to help CSR teams support charitable causes in China.

Grantee Research and Identification

With team members spanning 23 countries across the Asia-Pacific, Give2Asia is uniquely positioned to identify and evaluate  local charities. Our in-country advisors enable our clients to cultivate strategic partnerships with both national and grassroots nonprofits.

Due Diligence & Risk Mitigation

Give2Asia performs due diligence on all international grantees to confirm compliance with US regulations for international grant-making and ensuring adherence to local laws in recipient countries. Learn more about international due diligence at Give2Asia.

CSR Program Design & Implementation

Give2Asia builds trusted relationships with local organizations, empowering your company to make smart investments and form long-lasting partnerships. We help get your initiatives from the drawing table into action, creating high-impact and sustainable programs in Asia.

Project Management & Administration

Give2Asia manages contracts with overseas program partners, guiding projects to completion. We also secure the reports, beneficiary stories, and success metrics you need to demonstrate impact.

Employee Engagement Programs

Collaborate with Give2Asia to promote community service and employee involvement in your CSR initiatives. Give2Asia supports popular employee engagement platforms like Benevity—or we can create a customized landing page for your campaign.

Advisory Services

Give2Asia offers customized CSR consulting engagements to identify and evaluate high-value philanthropic opportunities. Our past projects include strategic assessments, landscape analyses, and impact studies for Fortune 500 brands and their corporate foundations.

Building trusted relationships with local organizations, beneficiary communities, and donors is at the core of our philosophy. To discuss your corporate giving or CSR goals, request a consultation with our international grant-making team.

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