Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Indonesia

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Chief Justice of Indonesia
Ketua Mahkamah Agung
Insignia of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Indonesia.svg
M. Syarifuddin.jpg
Muhammad Syarifuddin

since 30 April 2020
Supreme Court of Indonesia
AppointerSupreme Court justices
First holderKusumah Atmaja
DeputyDeputy Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Indonesia

The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Indonesia (Indonesian: Ketua Mahkamah Agung) is the head of the Supreme Court of Indonesia.

Election process[edit]

The chief justice and his or her deputy is elected by the Supreme Court justices from among the members of the court.[1] Sometimes the process is controversial and attracts public criticism.[2] For example, in early 2012 rumours about vote buying were reported in the Jakarta press as speculation mounted about the arrangements underway for the selection of new chief justice to replace Harifin Tumpa, who retired as chief justice in March 2012. It was said to be "all-out competition" for the post of chief justice because of the influence that the position holds and it was rumoured that the competition might include payments.[3]

List of Chief Justices[edit]

Photo Name Term Term length
Kusumah Atmaja.jpg Kusumah Atmaja 19 August 1945 11 August 1952 2,549
Wirjono Prodjodikoro.png Wiryono Projodikoro 13 October 1952 21 June 1966 4,999
Soerjadi.jpg Suryadi 21 June 1966[4] August 1968
R. Subekti.png Subekti August 1968 22 January 1974
Oemar Seno Adji.png Umar Seno Aji 22 January 1974 18 February 1981 2,584
Mudjono.png Mujono 18 February 1981 24 April 1984 1,161
Ali Said.png Ali Said 24 April 1984 1 July 1992 2,990
Purwoto S. Ganda Subrata.png Purwoto Gandasubrata 12 August 1992 31 October 1994 810
Soerjono.jpg Suryono 1 November 1994 1 November 1996 731
Sarwata.jpg Sarwata bin Kertotenoyo 1 November 1996 1 August 2000 1,369
Vacant (1 August 2000 – 18 May 2001)[5] [6]
The Chairman, Press Council of Indonesia, Dr. Bagir Manan and the Chairman, Press Council of India, Justice G.N. Ray signing an MoU between Press Council of Indonesia and Press Council of India (Bagir Manan).jpg Bagir Manan 18 May 2001 31 October 2008 2,723
Ketua MA Harifin A. Tumpa.GIF Harifin Tumpa 1 November 2008 (acting)
10 February 2009
1 March 2012 1,216
Muhammad-hatta-ali.jpg Muhammad Hatta Ali 1 March 2012[7] 30 April 2020 2,982
M. Syarifuddin.jpg Muhammad Syarifuddin 30 April 2020 Incumbent 874
Died in office

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